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This is the starting point for getting a brand new instance of CluedIn up and running locally.


Execution policy

Windows only

To enable local scripts to run, you will need to modify the PowerShell execution policy. This only needs to be ran once:

> Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Run as admin

You should run your terminal session as an administrator, or sudo for non-windows environments.

Quick Start

All examples are provided as if running in a PowerShell session. To begin a PowerShell session, enter the command pwsh and a new session will start

# Check out the repository
> git clone

# Move to the checkout directory
> cd Home

# Log in to DockerHub
> docker login

# Create a new environment targeting the latest version
> .\cluedin.ps1 env latest -Tag latest

# Check default ports are available
> .\cluedin.ps1 check latest

# Start CluedIn
> .\cluedin.ps1 up latest

# Create an organization
> .\cluedin.ps1 createorg latest -Name example -Pass Example123!
# this will provide the login details you need e.g
# ...
# Email:
# Password: Example123!

# Open the login page
> .\cluedin.ps1 open latest -Org example

Cluedin uses the address by default.