This is the starting point for getting a brand new instance of CluedIn up and running locally.


  • 16GB of free memory (it is advisable to run this on a 32GB machine)
  • Docker
  • Docker-compose (installed with Docker)
  • PowerShell 7+
  • Access to CluedIn ACR (Azure Container Registry) (to download CluedIn container images)
  • Git

Execution policy

Windows only

To enable local scripts to run, you will need to modify the PowerShell execution policy. This only needs to be ran once:

> Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Run as admin

You should run your terminal session as an administrator, or sudo for non-windows environments.

Quick Start

All examples are provided as if running in a PowerShell session. To begin a PowerShell session, enter the command pwsh and a new session will start

# Check out the repository
> git clone https://github.com/CluedIn-io/Home.git

# Move to the checkout directory
> cd Home

# Log in to DockerHub
> docker login

# Create a new environment targeting the latest version
> .\cluedin.ps1 env latest -Tag latest

# Check default ports are available
> .\cluedin.ps1 check latest

# Start CluedIn
> .\cluedin.ps1 up latest

# Create an organization
> .\cluedin.ps1 createorg latest -Name example -Pass Example123!
# this will provide the login details you need e.g
# ...
# Email: admin@example.com
# Password: Example123!

# Open the login page
> .\cluedin.ps1 open latest -Org example

Cluedin uses the address http://app. by default.