Pulls the latest container images from the container registry.

Docker images may be refreshed using the same tag. Run this command to ensure you always have the most up-to-date version image for the specified tag.


pull [[-Env] <string>] [-Tag <string>] [-TagOverride <string[]>] 
Parameter Type Required Default Value Description
Env String false default The environment in which CluedIn will run.
Tag String false   The CluedIn version tag to use for all services.
Defaults to the setting in the environment.
TagOverride String[] false @() The CluedIn version tag to use for specific services.
The names or services match those reported by docker when starting CluedIn
e.g. -tagoverride server=3.2.4-beta,sqlserver=3.2.4-beta
Defaults to the settings in the environment.