What tags can I use for versions of CluedIn?

CluedIn is built from a collection of docker images. Each image has multiple tags to make updating to future versions as simple as possible. You can either specify the full tag to target a specific version, or specify a floating tag which makes updating to the next bug fix version a little easier.

Working with pre-release versions

Pre-release versions have a floating tag that contains a pre-release label, e.g. 3.2.3-beta. You can use this to consume the 3.2.3-beta version of all services.

> .\cluedin.ps1 env 323 -tag 3.2.3-beta

You can now also update to the very latest beta versions by running .\cluedin.ps1 pull 323

If however you need to consume a precise version of a specific service, you can use the full tag for that service. E.g. if we want to set server to use 3.2.3-beta.3

> .\cluedin.ps1 env 323 -tag 3.2.3-beta -tagoverride server=3.2.3-beta.3

You can still run pull to update the other service versions, but server will stay on 3.2.3-beta.3

Working with release versions

Release versions do not contain a pre-release label, however you can still float on the patch (final digits) of the version:

# Set the version to 3.2 for all services
> .\cluedin.ps1 env 32 -tag 3.2

# Update to the next patch release - this could be version 3.2.4, then 3.2.5 etc
> .\cluedin.ps1 pull 32

# Pin server to version 3.2.3
> .\cluedin.ps1 env 32 -tag 3.2 -tagoverride server=3.2.3