Release Notes - v3.2.4


  • Persisted data for services sqlserver, neo4j, and elasticsearch are now stored under <env>/data/<service>. Content is persisted between up/down of instances.
  • New Command to manage cleaning of data: data
    > ./cluedin.ps1 data # Lists all current data
      | CluedIn - Data |
      Name          Size      Items
      ----          ----      -----
      elasticsearch 0.00 MB       1
      neo4j         0.43 MB      42
      sqlserver     227.88 MB    30
    > ./cluedin.ps1 data -CleanAll # Removes all data
    > ./cluedin.ps1 data -Clean sqlserver,elasticsearch # Removes data for the specified services only
  • When calling down data is cleared by default. A new flag -KeepData can be passed to retain data if desired.
    > ./cluedin.ps1 down # Destroys CluedIn containers and data
    > ./cluedin.ps1 down -KeepData # Destroys CluedIn containers only
  • When calling down the Tag and TagOverride options are no longer available (they performed no actual function for the down command)
  • Added feature flag for De-duplication Projects. This can be enables by setting CLUEDIN_UI_FEATURES_DEDUPLICATIONPROJECTS=duplication-project in your .env file


  • Normalize environment variables to support ubuntu based images