What is pwsh?

pwsh is the command for PowerShell the cross platform shell and scripting language from Microsoft.

PowerShell is used by Home to ensure a consistent approach and language for local development of CluedIn on any operating system.

How do I start a PowerShell session?

In Windows you can start a new PowerShell session using the dedicated PowerShell (x64) application.

For all operating systems (including Windows), you can also start your favourite shell and type pwsh to enter a new session:

myname@machine:~$ pwsh

PowerShell 7.1.3
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.

Type 'help' to get help.

PS /Users/myname>

You can exit the session by typing exit

Do not use pwsh .\cluedin.ps1 ...

You could avoid entering a session by providing your commands to to cluedin.ps1 directly after pwsh but this is no longer reccomended. When running on macOS or Linux some arguments are not passed correctly, causing .\cluedin.ps1 to perform incorrect actions.