Creates a new organization in CluedIn.

When creating a new organization an organization admin account is also created. The associated login details are returned.


createorg [[-Env] <string>] -Name <string> [-Email <string>] [-Pass <string>] [-AllowEmailSignup] 
> .\cluedin.ps1 createorg -Name example

| CluedIn - Create Organization |

Password: P@ssword!123
Parameter Type Required Default Value Description
Env String false default The environment in which CluedIn will run.
Name String true   The name of the organization to created.
Email String false “admin@${Name}.com” The email/username of the organization admin.
Pass String false P@ssword!123 The password of the organization admin.
AllowEmailSignup Flag false False If set to true, will allow direct email sign up for future users
using an email that matches the organization admins email domain.