Release Notes - v3.4.0


  • You can can now pass -DisableData when calling up to prevent writing to the environment data folder. This can improve performance for simple environments.
  • Allow to docker-compose.override.yml file to environment folder to extend docker service configuration (e.g. add an extra environment variable)
  • Move installer image to it’s own project. This enables the image to be retained to manage caches (AB#9661)
  • Improve packages -restore scenarios to reduce time taken to restore (AB#9661)
  • Add packages -restore -clearcache option to allow caches to be cleared when using local packages or when referencing floating package versions (AB#9661)


  • Ensure libpostal service is not pulled when replicas are set to zero
  • Report yellow status correctly for status command
  • Ensure CLUEDIN_SERVER_HOST is used for status checks when defined
  • Added environment variable CLUEDIN_MODELS_ENABLED to control model inclusion (AB#13715)