Extend existing docker service

For the most common configuration you can modify .env file and specify values there, as values are proxied to a service in the relevant docker-compose.xxx.yml file. However from time to time comes a need to configure something which is not exposed through .env file. You can modify the .yml files directly, but then the change is applied to all the environments and cannot be isolated to a single instance.

For this scenario you can simply drop a docker-compose.override.yml file inside your environment directory and extend an existing service there.

Note: you cannot override existing values or remove them (e.g. you cannot remove existing volume mounts), only append new values.

Example: Add an ad-hoc environment variable

A good use case is the configuration of an environment variable which is not available in the .env file.


        - CLUEDIN_SERILOG__MINIMUMLEVEL__OVERRIDE__CluedIn.Processing.EntityResolution.Matchers.RuleMatcher.RuleEntityMatcherBase=Verbose